Episode 295: Pushing Yourself to the Limits with Harpreet Kaur

To achieve success in business, it’s important to build a fearless mindset and intentionally push yourself to your limits. This involves taking calculated risks, stepping out of your comfort zone, and thinking outside the box. It also means being open to learning from your mistakes and failures, and using them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Harpreet Kaur, Co-Founder of Oh So Yum and winner of The Apprentice UK, exemplifies this fearless mindset and winning mentality. She won the show, secured Lord Sugar’s investment in her business, and made significant waves in the business world.

In this episode, we feature Harpreet Kaur’s interview with Adam Stott at the recent Gold Circle event. They discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, including her experience joining and winning The Apprentice 2022. Harpreet shares how the show changed her life and business, and how she continually pushes herself to her limits as a fearless entrepreneur.

Show Highlights:

  • Setting Up a Dessert Parlor Business as a Side Hustle
  • How Harpreet Overcame Challenges When Starting Her Business
  • Harpreet Kaur’s experience as the Winner of The Apprentice UK 2020
  • Exploring the Opportunities of Being on The Apprentice
  • Navigating Funding as a Female Entrepreneur
  • The importance of Developing a Positive Mindset

Connect with Harpreet Kaur on Instagram at @harpsi_kaur and visit ohsoyum.co.uk to learn more about her business.

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