Episode 222: Sneak Peek on the Ultimate Three Day Business Event

What are your mindset and identity when you started a business? Are you a person who wants to try a business idea or are you an entrepreneur that owns a business and wants to grow and succeed? In this episode, Adam Stott walks us through the Ultimate Three-Day Business event that they are running. He talks about topics they discuss, the relationship building with other entrepreneurs, and the amazing speakers you’ll meet in the three-day business event.

Adam shares the different business growth secrets that help him across his journey to create multimillion-pound businesses in different sectors, his experience from being an ordinary business owner to someone who goes out there to build a business and grow. He also explains the importance of knowing and owning your identity as a business owner and shifting your mindset to success.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn the four steps process for success in any area
  • Meet great speakers like Sarah Willingham
  • Why do you need a mindset shift to growing your business
  • Discover how important it is to understand your identity as an entrepreneur; and
  • Find out how you can be a part of the Ultimate 3-Day Business Event

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