Episode 223: Determination to Build Assets for Life with Jay Munoz

Having the determination to achieve his goals, Jay Munoz left his home in Colombia and went to the UK to learn English and have a master’s degree. He works full-time doing unskilled jobs to fund his study to have a master’s degree at Surrey University. Jay loves building houses and is obsessed with helping people. In this episode, Jay Munoz talks with Adam Stott about the journey of building his life and career in the UK.

Jay Munoz is the author of the best-selling book Property Metamorphosis and the Co-Founder and Director of Assets For Life Ltd. an award-winning property investing and training company. He grew in an environment that shaped his work ethic and his love for building. Jay worked on some great projects including The London Underground, Construction of the Wallbrook in London, and more. He used to aim to climb the corporate ladder, but one book changed his view of entrepreneurship. With the help of his business partner Liam, Jay started his own business and now shares his knowledge with people.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn Jay Munoz’s journey of building his life and career
  • How he overcomes obstacles to achieve his goals
  • Find out the book that changes his view on entrepreneurship
  • Discover how he builds his own company with his business partner; and
  • Jay explains the purpose of his book, Property Metamorphosis

Links Mentioned:

You may reach Jay Munoz on his LinkedIn or find out more about his company at AssetsForLife.co.uk

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