Episode 228: Making Fashion Sustainable with Sian Gabbidon

The best feeling for a designer is to see their work worn by other people. Sian is so passionate about her craft that she manages to work full-time while making fashion sustainable. In this episode, Adam Stott and Sian Gabbidon talk about how to start a business, create a premium product without the premium price, do marketing, and grow organically with social media.

Sian Gabbidon is the 2018 and first black female winner of the BBC show The Apprentice, winning a £250,000 investment and backing from Lord Sugar in the show’s 14th series. She is the founder of the celebrity favorite loungewear brand Sian Marie with 65K followers. Sian is also a natural and confident public speaker and presenter, having previously worked with numerous clients including Good Morning Britain competition host, National Reality Television Awards host, Urban Music Awards host, The Voice Newspaper columnist, Ford Mustang UK wide introduction, and much more.

Show Highlights:

  • How Sian started her business and grow organically with Instagram
  • The reason why Sian decided to join The Apprentice
  • The benefits of learning marketing for her business
  • What impact the show had on her business mindset; and
  • The transition of Sian’s business during Covid

Links Mentioned:

Follow Sian Gabbidon on Instagram @siangabbidon and visit her website sianmarie.com to see more of her and her designs.

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