Episode 247: The Thousand-Day Plan with Kevin Gaskell

Kevin ‘The Business Fixer’ Gaskell, serial entrepreneur, author, and adventurer is recognised as one of the world’s foremost leadership experts, responsible for transforming three of the world’s most iconic brands Porsche, BMW, and Lamborghini (GB).

A trailblazer in his approach, Kevin has enjoyed three decades of success as a business leader; founding start-ups, driving turnarounds, and leading major brands in a variety of sectors including technology, manufacturing, and professional services. He has repeatedly led teams of varying sizes to extraordinary performance, creating over $5 billion in shareholder value and winning global and national awards.

A leading technology entrepreneur and investor, Kevin is also Director at Radical Sportscars Ltd, founder and chairman at iCaaS, chairman at ITS technology, and executive chairman of Amber, a health & safety platform.

In addition to his business achievements, Kevin has played international cricket, climbed Everest, and walked both Poles. In 2020, he was a member of the crew who set a new world record for the fastest row across the Atlantic Ocean. In 2024 Kevin will attempt the world record for crossing the Pacific.

In this episode, Kevin Gaskell talks with Adam Stott about his successes as a leader of different companies. Kevin also shares his journey in starting an IT company and the books he’s written.

Show Highlights:

  • Kevin Gaskell’s part in turning around companies including Porsche
  • The 1000-day plan
  • The importance of commit, connect, and create
  • Creating the culture and atmosphere for success in a company
  • Kevin Gaskell’s journey into the IT world

Check out Kevin Gaskell’s books (Catching Giants and Inspired Leadership) at kevingaskell.com

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