Episode 280: The Power of Conversations for Business Growth

Are you having a problem introducing your products to the market? That is mostly because you require more conversations. We want to see growth thus we need to invest in advertising. These could be achieved in a step-by-step process that will guide you to discover deeper connections with your clients and the business. 

In this episode, Adam Stott shares the four main steps of the marketing process. He expounds on the essence of conversations and offers that start with finding who is your target audience up to the housework that needs to be done. Adam generously listed the key principles of how to transform advertising efforts into profits. 

Show Highlights:

  • How Adam lost a lot of money before realizing the most important basis of business growth
  • Discover the correct metrics of marketing 
  • Why is marketing the holy grail of consistent clients
  • Reasons why marketing is  the holy grail of consistent clients
  • Learn how to put leverage into your business

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

All excited, yes or no? I’m leave you in this room because you finally want to get your marketing figured out and you realize there’s a couple of pieces missing. Raise your hand [01:06.00]. Okay. Fabulous. And how many of you wanna do it in an easy, simple way that gets rid of any overwhelm and actually puts you in place where marketing becomes simple? Raise your hand if you’re with me. Okay. Fabulous! Well, it looks like we are in the right room and so far, the event’s been absolutely amazing. We’ve been showing people out in the sand, all of them out, our system for growing businesses. And you can see over here on your left hand side the ultimate business model. What we are gonna be talking about during this session is the marketing aspect. And the problem with marketing is you can have the very best product or service in the entire world, if nobody knows about it, nobody’s buying it. And what we find is that most entrepreneurs, when they start marketing business, they typically start out in a place where they don’t really know how to get their product or service out to market. In fact, what you’ll find most business owners and entrepreneurs do is they work very, very hard on their product, very, very hard on their service, they work on absolutely everything except actually going out there and talking back there prior to service. How many of you have found that over the period of your business starting, you’re growing your business, you’ve not really got yourself out to market enough in the past? Raise your hands if that sounds a bit like you. Okay, raise it nice and high so I can see them on full participation. Right. Fabulous. Well look, imagine you were in a very different place. So I want you to just picture for a moment that you went to a different place and the different place you were in is that now you had a flow of new inquiries coming to you every single day. Every single day you went into your business and you’ve got spots while it’s in new clients reaching out to you and chasing you to do business with you, rather than you chasing them. How many of you want to find yourself with this place? Raise your hands. So, if most of us are currently over here, we want to be in a place where we’re over here, we agree that we’re gonna need some new strategies. [03:07.2]. Absolutely. So what I wanna share with you during this time we’ve got together is what are the essential elements? How does this stuff work? Because the reality is most business owners don’t know how to get themselves in this place. Now, let me tell you, I dunno if you’ve got no pads and pens, but hopefully for those of you that have, you should write this down. There really is only one thing that throws businesses. Would we like to know that one thing everybody? Yes or no? Fabulous. There’s one thing that grows businesses. You can take any single business, doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. And if we do this one thing and we do it with enough frequency, your business will grow. And that is conversations. You need to increase the amount of conversations you’re having in order to grow your business. And the problem is most people dunno how to get those conversations out to market. And a lot of the time, they’re trying to search for what is the magic wand that’s going to get my business filled up with new clients? There is no magic wand. The magic wand is how do you increase the velocity of the amount of conversations you’re having with the target you’re looking at? And if you want to look at your business bank account, how many of you want your business bank account to have a ton more money in it? Raise your hands. Okay. So few of you have done. How many you wanna say where you are? Right? Raise your hand if you wanna say where you are now. Great. So look, if we want to fill our business bank account with more money and we want to get more growth and we wanna find ourselves in a place where we feel successful, then we only really need to do two things. One, increase the amount of conversations, and two, increase the amount of offers we are making. Because if we’re not offering and actually offering our products of service enough and we’re not having enough conversations, we won’t grow our businesses. So they’re essentially the two things we’ve gotta do. And then there is a strategic step-by-step process that is very easy and very simple that you can follow to get you speak into more people and get you making more offers. And what we’re gonna share now is exactly that. But some of you, I see some familiar faces. So see quite a few familiar cases. Some clients are already working with me and some people have been following my podcast, but I should just introduce myself before we jump into that. If you dunno me already, my name is Adam Stott. I’ve been training business owners now for the last seven years. What’s quite unique about what we do is that I’m a speaker second, and I’m a business owner first. I’ve been training businesses for a long, long time, but at the same time growing my own businesses. My first business that I started, my very first business to start at age 25, I took from absolutely zero nothing to a 40 million pound year operation. One of the main reasons is because our master marketing as one of the main reasons, right? So we are gonna share a little bit about that as well. Since then, I’ve created many other multimillion impact companies and the process is the same and it’s simple to follow once you understand how to do it. How many of you ready to start looking at that process properly and seeing that system? Raise your hands if you are. Fabulous. It looks good. We’re gonna jump into the slides now, and we’re gonna just show you a little bit about the process. So one thing I wanna make really clear and make sure everybody’s comfortable with in those is that when I started out age 25, I was in the place I mentioned here. I wasn’t having any conversations, I was spending all my time working on my products and services. I didn’t know how to get out to market and it was a very, very frustrating time. In the first year of running my business, and I’ll take you to this place. This is me in my mum’s fair bedroom, age 25. I’d quit my job. You know, I’d gone out and started my business for the first time and my mindset and my psychology was that I was gonna win. I was in that mindset. I’m gonna go out when the trash hits, it’s gonna be great. Because all my other jobs, I’ve been able to do that. I’ve been successful. And what I found very quickly is that wasn’t the case. See, I had some skillsets at this stage. My main skillset at this stage was I was actually really good with clients and I was good at sales. But it doesn’t matter how good you are with clients and how good you are at sales if you don’t have any clients. [07:26.5]. I didn’t have any, right? So that was the biggest problem. So I started this business and I spent the first nine months in this business going into work every single day, not knowing how to get clients, not knowing how to grow my business, feeling very, very frustrated, finding it very, very stressful and not knowing how it’s gonna succeed. And the way that I’d started this business is I’d sold my house to move back into my old’s spare bedroom. So I had 50,000 pounds when I started, and every single month I watched 50,000 turn into 45,000, into 40, into 35 into 25 into 10, right down to the bare bottoms of having virtually from there. And that is what it took to wake me up. And the reason I shared this story with you is I don’t want you to have to lose all your money to finally come alive. How many you agree to be better to start working on it when we’re in a better place? Raise your hands. Okay, fabulous. So that’s where I was and I’ll find it very, very, very frustrating. I knew something needed to change. I knew I was gonna need to do something different to get something different. So I started making books and really, what happened to me at this stage is I started searching and I started going to seminars, [08:45.1] development events. I went all over the world, did all sorts of different trainings. And I’ve listened to everything. I’ve listened to things on Forex, I’ve listened to things on property, on software, everything that you can imagine. But I just couldn’t find anybody that would show me how to get a new flow of clients. That’s all I wanted. All I wanted to know is how am I gonna grow this business by taking new clients. Eventually, after lots of searching, I came across a company and a speaker that stopped talking to me about the methodology of getting the clients [09:16.2] of a step-by-step client. This for me is a missing piece. Now, I’ll take you over to this, here, you can see this business model. This is what we chain our clients on. We’re getting to understand really there are five pillars and there’s a base. Now the base is you. You as the business owner, your psychology as the business owner and making sure that you are in the mindset. Just before you came into this room, I was doing a podcast with Harpreet who won The Apprentice last year. Anyone watched that program? The Apprentice last year? And she was just sharing, and one of the things that was absolutely fundamentally clear is that her psychology was there. She was ready to win. She wasn’t played with self-doubt and self-belief. She was like, hey, I came, didn’t go here to compete. I go here to win. And in order for you to win in business and in life, you need to cultivate that psychology, the psychology of a winner. And that’s what we work initially with people. That’s the foundation to get in that mindset. Once we get that mindset, we’ll succeed. Now, once we have that mindset foundation, we’ve gotta get you out to market. Because you could be the best salesperson in the world if you’ve got nobody to talk to and you’ve got one to have a conversation with, you’re not gonna convert, are you? So we need to get good at marketing. So this is the way I describe marketing. If you imagine your business as an engine, alright? And you’ve got all the pieces of your business that you need together, and you’ve got this engine of a business, you’ve worked on your product, you worked on the service, the one thing most people forget to put in the engine is fuel. Now if you’ve got an engine on your car and you put no fuel on it, how far do you get? Not very far. Right? You’re running on empty. Now, marketing is the fuel that goes in the engine. It’s what keeps your business growing, [11:09.5] to marketing. Once we’ve got that, then we can work on the other aspects and the other elements. This is really important. This is what comes first. So how many of you in the room, you’ve not been quite succeeding at the level you want? So anyone in the room’s like, hey, I’m super low. I’m super driven, but I have some ups and downs and things don’t always go the way I want it go. Who’s in that place? Raise your hands. Okay, lots of you in the room. And for those of you just put your hand up, how many of you write, there you are, are actually feeling some fear through the media and the news every time you turn the news or you’re like, oh my god! Could it get any worse? How many of you kind of feel like that a little bit as well? Are you hearing about cost and living crisis and all these different things? Raise your hands if you feel a bit like that as well. Okay, so the first thing we need to understand is this, there is going to be masses and masses and masses of opportunity for business owners in the next few years. There frankly has never been a better time to grow your business. And I’ll tell you, there’s some specific reasons why on marketing. Now, if I took you back, let’s just imagine that you went back 25 years, 30 years when you were starting a business. 25 years ago. And you wanted to go and get your message out to marketing, you wanted to speak to tens of thousands of people. What would your options be? Tell me and the audience, shout some things now.


Business cards.

Adam Stott: 

Okay. Business cards. What else? What other options would you have? Tv, cold calling, direct mail. Now TV would be the one to give you mass media, yes or no everybody? And will that be cheap? How expensive would that be? Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Every single one of you in your pocket right now, you can pull out a media device and can allow you to get out to market and speak to tens of thousands of people very, very quickly. But most people are not using it to have masses of conversations everyday. And the little people that are using it, they’re focused on the wrong metrics. So the wrong metrics are how many people are viewing your videos. The wrong metrics are is how many people are watching your reels. The wrong metrics are how many people aren’t liking your posts. Now, liking your posts will be great if you were able to pay your bills with your post likes. How many of you been pretty keen to get some more likes without paying the bills? Raise your hands if you’re feeling that. Actually, but it don’t. So we’ve gotta understand there are different metrics that you want to make sure that you are analyzing. The metrics that you really want to care about is how many leads are you generating? How many new inquiries are you generating for your business? How many new meaningful conversations are you having on a daily basis? These are the important things. These are what move the needle. So the nedle of your business, we want your business to grow. We’ve got two activities that build the needle. And you get in front of more of your clients is what it does exactly that. And when I first started, I didn’t understand any of this stuff. And it took me a lot searching to really get to know it. And this is my first office when I started out. So I wanna show people that, look, I did not have a silver spoon. I had no investment to grow my first business. I was right at the beginning. I didn’t know what I was doing. I went into business with no idea. It was a big struggle. And actually I learned a lot of lessons. How many of you, when you first went into business was like, Jesus, this is harder than I thought it’s gonna be. Raise your hand [14:38.5]. Absolutely! You get some shots. And I remember growing my business and this is where I started out to first ever office. Which one is it? The one on the left or the one on the right? Who thinks one on the left? Raise your hand. Okay. Who thinks the one on the right? Okay. You were right. It wasn’t that bad, right? So, it’s not the one on the left. It’s actually the one on the right. This is my first little office. Now the important thing is here is, remember I just told you I’ve been searching and I’ve been trying to understand how to grow the business and little things. When I moved into this tiny little office, I finally had started searching and educating myself on the subject to marketing. I’d got the right coaches, I’ve got the right mentors, but I was stuck in this tiny little office every single day. However, one of the things I learned, which is really important if you take your notes as you’ll understand, is that you are who you are online whether you like it or not. You are who you are online. So when people were looking up my business and seeing I had 50, 60, 70,000 people following around Facebook. They didn’t imagine this tiny little office. They imagined an operation that was far bigger. They imagined an operation that was far thicker. They imagined a bigger team. And through imagining that there was much less resistance to wanting to do business or backstage even when I was very small. Now, the reality is you all know what you all perceive. So when people look at you online in every single one year in the room, how successful do you look? How much are you building a brand that shows people that they should do business with you? How many feel you could work on that a little bit better and cultivate a bigger brand of success online? Raise your hands and you think you could work on. Absolutely. So that’s one of the things that we’ll talk about the money. However, once I started to build that brand on social, I was growing and I took on some lessons. I took on some mentoring, I took on some coaching, and I saw something very important and this is one of the secrets of the world’s top markets. How many of you have seen somebody that just seems to be flying? Their business seems to be growing all the time. They’re always out there and it seems that their businesses just accelerate your postures faster. Raise your hand if you’ve seen something like that in the room? Fabulous. Well, the secret of the world’s top market is, is they understand one essential thing. And the one thing they understand is how do you turn advertising into profit. When I learned this, this changed my life. It changed my life in such a significant way that everything changed. I very quickly got out this tiny little office and I grew a very significant business. Now, what is advertising into profit? So if you imagine here, right here, I have a digital cash machine. Okay? And it’s got a hole at the top, it’s got a hole down the bottom. And imagine I’ve got a thousand pounds in the top of the digital cash machine, and at the bottom it spits 5,000 pounds out. How many think that’d be pretty cool? Raise your hands. Okay. How many, like, I want one of those baby, right? Raise your hand [17:46.6] that. Okay. Absolutely. Well, this is what advertising into profit is. It is the ability to invest and to create a larger return in sales for your business. Now just imagine you did that. You invested a thousand, you got 5,000 out. What’s your next move? What do you do next? He says, do it again. What else do you do next? Okay, you invest. Now the important question is this, do you take a whole 5,000, put it in the salt and get it pulled out? Or do you just take a bit more money? What do you do? Lemme take the whole 5,000, invest that out and then you get the return out five times, 25 grand down. How many you do that? Raise your hands. Okay, so your risk mentality is good if you raise your hand for that. You’ve got a good risk mentality. Because you’ve got a concept that is essentially broken, you invested a thousand, got 5,000 back. I invest 5,000 to get 25,000 back, provided the metrics are right. Now, where you want to get to with your businesses regardless of what you do, doesn’t matter what industry you are in, where you are looking to aspire to is that model. How can I invest in marketing to create a return that brings me new customers, new clients on a consistent basis? That is the holy grail of business. It really is, and it takes some time and there’s some steps that we need to do in order to be able to create it. But once we can get that business model right, everything changes. You go to a place where you are consistently getting new leads, new clients, new sales, every single day. You are able to hire better quality people. You’re able to spend less time in your business and actually get other people to do the work for you. So how many of you have been really happy to earn a hell of a lot more money and do a hell of a lot less work? Raise your hands. Okay. Every single hand went up there. Good. Right? So we certainly in the right room. Now, that’s where we are aspiring to. It takes some time to get there and I’m gonna show you the steps in a moment. How many are down for seeing the steps of how to do this? Raise your hands. Okay. Fabulous. So, After I put the pieces of this puzzle together, so just to give you context, it took me decades to learn what I’m about to share with you. It took me hundreds of thousands of pounds in investments in myself, in training, in coaching, in mentoring. I still to this day hire mentors and pay hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. Sarah Willingham from Dragons 10, I spend the day there every single month sitting down one to one going over my business. And I still invest in mentors or coaches constantly to move that needle. Now, once I’ve built the pieces of the puzzle together, six years later my life had changed. I’ve been out to create a business called 60 million pounds off-cross on social media. I’ve been the largest following in the world on social media. 386,000 followers at that time. This led to me being getting a hell of a lot of press being featured in all the national newspapers and later to go on to become a speaker cause I got invited to come and share the stories and the strategies that we plan. Now I don’t tell you this to impress anyone. The reason I tell you this is cause when I started out, I left home at 15 years old with not a single qualification, alright? I didn’t finish school. I’m not particularly smart. There’s nothing particularly special about me. I’ve made a couple of right moves and the right moves is getting the right answers, getting the right coaches, getting the right information, and following for and taken action. And the reason I tell you is if I can do it, who else can? You can, right? And that’s why I share it with you, which is really, really important. So this is the process. We are gonna just look at the marketing process now and how it works. I’m gonna take you through it step by step, but we are gonna do it in a way that we go quite quickly. So make sure you are taking notes and you understand this. So the first thing we want to do is this, the ground zero, the marketing business that crashes is you define your target market properly. You need to know exactly who your target market client is. Exactly who they are. That’s the first thing. Now, I’m gonna ask you to just demonstrate this to you very quickly. I’m gonna ask you to participate here. I’m gonna ask you this. Imagine you’re in a market right now for a company to run your social media. How many you are in the market for that by the way? Anyone in the room? Raise your hands. Okay. Quite a few of you. So you’re in the market for a company to run your social media and I need a demonstration. So what business are you in over there?


I’m in fashion.

Adam Stott: 

And what type of fashion are you in?



Adam Stott: 

So plain clothing, right? So we’ve got a company in fashion [22:39.9]. Let’s imagine that you are looking for this social media company. You see three different options and you’re choosing between three different options when you’re looking at this company. The first option is the social media superstars. That’s option number one, right? [22:58.5]? Anyone in the room? No, because they’re not very popular. Now the second option is social media stars for fashion businesses. So would that feel to you a little bit more? So if you take the two options, how much would you pay for option number one, and how much would you pay for option number two?



Adam Stott: 

So you said it’s 10 grand for the fashions. [23:27.4]. Who’s in social media in this room? Gotta have a conversation, right? For this, imagine this, right? Usually you would say normal social media marketing cost you 300 pound a month. The ones that were specialized, the fashion ones might cost you 500 pounds a month. Now I’ve asked you, what outcome do you want? Do you want more people buying your high-end fashion web? Do you want to get in big stores? Is that what we want to do? So imagine number three, the option was social media branding agencies with fashion businesses that sell high end only that knock down the doors to get you in stores and increase your sales online. And you agree we pay a lot more for option three than we would option one. Raise your hands. That’s what defining a target market is all about. We need to understand who you serve, exactly who the target market is, and we need to go deeper. There’s also a clue in what I just shared with you. Most people and most businesses, they try to sell their products or their services. You don’t wanna sell your products or services. You wanna sell results. What do you wanna sell everybody?



Adam Stott: 

So you need to get really clear on what results you provide for your clients, because that will help you in a big way. So the first step is define the target market. The second step is understand how to attract that market by creating a magnetic message. A magnetic message, what does a magnet do everybody? What’s the purpose of a magnet?


It attracts easily.

Adam Stott: 

So a magnet attracts. Problem with most businesses. What do most businesses do? What do most businesses do is they chase clients. They go out and run after them. Anyone played Kiss Chase before when they were a kid? Raise your hands. He did. He did. He definitely did. He’s laughing, right? He was good at it, I reckon. Did you catch him? Yeah, he did. He caught him, right? Now what happens when you play Kiss Chase? What happens? They run away, yes or no? So they’re running away from you. So we don’t want to do that. We don’t wanna be playing Kiss Chase with our clients. We want to attract clients to us. And the way that you attract clients is by developing what we call magnetic message. Now, a magnetic message is when you understand two things. You fundamentally understand the pain that your clients are in, and you can craft that into your message. If we look here a moment ago, we found out that they want to be in stores. They want to get into biggest stores. They wanna sell more products online. So now we look at what’s the pain and the challenge around that and we will build that into our messages in order to account those clients. Make sense everybody? Now, fundamentally, there’s one other aspect. If we have to understand what gains that client wants. What is the dream outcome of people when they do business with you? What is the dream outcome? So as well as knowing the pain, we want to know the dream outcome. So how many of you wanna be millionaires in this room? You’d love to be a millionaire in the next five years. Raise your hands. Okay. That’s the dream outcome. And now we need to show you in a very simple way, step by step how we can get it. How many be quite happy, we said right, we’re gonna walk you through a process to become a millionaire in a step by step way. How many, oh, sounds good to me, right, James? Okay. Fabulous. So it’s about understanding the pain, understanding the gain and crafting that into a message that meets your client where they are. Very, very important. Act step number two. We know who we want, by the way, we can’t do step two without step one. Does that make sense everybody? Because we don’t know who we’re after, how can we craft a really compellant message for them? So the first thing we do is understand who we want. The second thing we do is we understand how to attract them with a pain or gain message, and we can go a lot more deeper into that. Now the third thing, and it’s building up step by step, one piece at a time. The third thing is we find what we call your golden fishing pole. Now your golden fishing pole is where are your clients already. Where are they hanging out? because if you, how many of you would go fishing in a swimming pool where there were no fish? You wouldn’t do that, would you? You would rather go fishing where you know the fish is plentiful and you can throw your rod in and you can catch lots of fish. Yes or no team? Absolutely. Now, what we need to do as business owners is we need to understand where is your golden fishing pole? Mistake loads of people make, they’re like, hey, I’m on Facebook, I’m on Instagram, I’m on TikTok, I’m on LinkedIn, I’m doing PPC ads, I’m doing SEO, I’m doing absolutely everything. But you haven’t actually discovered where your clients are spending time and how you can go and reach those clients specifically. And the reason most people haven’t done that is cause they haven’t done step one. They dunno who they’re after. But when we know specifically who we’re after, we can very quickly start to create what we call a golden fishing pole where you are constantly going fishing and giving out your clients on a consistent basis. Does that make sense everybody? Absolutely! Now, as a business, you are looking for initially one marketing channel. How many? One. You’re looking initially for one marketing channel where you could go and fish. Most people don’t do that. They try to get themselves on 3, 4, 5, 6 different marketing channel. And really they don’t make much progress in any of them. Does that make sense everybody? Because they’re jumping from every different inbox to inbox, from inbox to inbox, posting content here, posting content there. And we still do to this day, is we zoned in on where do my clients reside? How can I get the message in front of those clients again and again, and again and again? And when you do that and you find a golden fishing pole, you can flush it very, very quickly. This is the other irony of this situation. The other irony is somebody’s already got your fish, somebody’s already gotten. You need to know who that person is and you need to collaborate with that person. Because if you’ve been collaborating with the person who’s already got your fish, then you can get in front of that audience straight away. Does that make sense to everybody? Yes or no? So very important you understand, and this is all built from step one. Step one is know who you are after. Define the target market. Step two, understand how to track them. Step three is understand where to place the message. Step four is what we call housework. How many of the room love house work? Just a couple of you, right? How many of ’em hate housework? Raise your hands. Okay. Well, this housework doesn’t require any cleaning. This housework doesn’t require a mop, and it doesn’t require you getting dirty. Is that good moves? Yes or no? Okay. This housework is you working on your positioning. Positioning how you are positioned online. What happens when I Google you? What do I see? What happens when I see you on social media? Do I see somebody that is well followed? Do I see somebody’s substance? Do I see a person or a business of value? And this is about cleaning up and making sure now you’re attracting clients that that housework is done. So when people do discover and find you, they’re more enticed to do business with you. Does that make sense everybody? Now, one of the, I’ll give you a quick tip. Would you like a quick tip on this, everybody? Yes or no? Yes or no? Fabulous. So quick tip on this is if you start to think of your Google presence as a monopoly board. So when you look on Google, you, your business, your brand, if you look at the very first thing that comes up, that’s part one maybe, you wanna make sure that you are there, not somebody else. And as we go through the pages, that is real estate, you wanna own that real estate and you want to have your monopoly on your own business, your own brand. So if we can see you, you stand out. Does that make sense? If it does, nod your head everybody. Fabulous. Okay, brilliant. Good tip for you there. Now, from there, we’ve gotta start doing a few things which some people tend to want to avoid, all right? But I’m gonna bring your attention to this and show you why it’s important. We need to move into what we call conversation marketing. [32:06.6] everybody? Conversations. So we’ve gotta start conversation marketing which means we are gonna go out and we are gonna use our voice. Raise your hand if you’re terrified of video in this room right now. Okay. Raise your hand for us. Fabulous. Quite a few of you. How many of you are using video to go out and speak for you right now? Raise your hands if you are. Okay, so a few of you are doing that, which is great. Now this is the ground basics that you wanna be taking all the pains and you want to be out there solving those pains for other people. So let’s imagine that your target market is business owners. And one of the things that business owners might really suffer from, what’s the problem that business owners have? As a, just shout one out for me. Okay, so we say expenses, time, right? Time is a big problem. So you wanna be using your voice to go out there and show people how they can save time, how they can become more efficient with time, how they can manage their time better. Mentioned expenses here. You wanna be showing business owners how to manage their expenses, raise more money. Every problem they have is that is what you are gonna have conversations about. This is what makes you magnetic. Does that make sense everybody? Yes or no team? Okay, fabulous. Once we’ve got to conversation marketing, we move into some of the higher levels. And at this point, bear in mind it’s taken me decades to get this. Obviously we’ve got an hour together. And in an hour, I’m not gonna be able to tell you every single thing. What I can tell you is there is a process. How many appreciate having a system to follow and how do you appreciate it’s much easier than go step by step? Raise your hands. Okay? Absolutely. When you know the steps, it makes life a lot, lot, lot easier. Now, what you want to do after you started conversation marketing is you want to start to build your authority. You want to build your authority and your expertise on the subject matter. So, you wanna show people that you are the authority in this market. And then we need to move to what we call mass conversations. So who grows down, who said that they were currently using video right now to market their business? Raise your hands if you are using video right now. Okay, great. And those videos, are they converting for you? You’re getting some sales? You’ve got somebody saying yes here, that you’ve got some inquiries. So what you’ve gotta understand is the power of leverage. The power of what? Leverage. Now leverage is very, very simple. Leverage is where you are doing other things and we want to leverage time. So if you start to create video, this is what most people make, another big mistake, what entrepreneurs make is that great video and they’ll put some videos out, just spend time doing the video, doing the video, doing the video, getting it out to market. They’ll have a quick win where they have a conversation with five people, video disappears, and then you have to make another video and then you have to make another video, and then you have to make another video and another video. Now you are a slave to content creation. Does that sound familiar to anybody? Raise your hands if that sounds familiar? We want to get out of that and we wanna understand leverage. Now, leverage is you investing in marketing in the absence profit model where you actually take those videos, you drop a pin on the head of the type of client that you want, and you get those videos presented to them on a continual basis, on a daily basis. So you are using ads to have conversations while you’re doing other things. Now, I can tell you that right now as I speak to you, I am running a virtual all day [35:38.41] where I’m training people all day. I’m looking at the analytics on my phone. I’m presenting to hundreds of people while I’m with you really right now while I’m at the business shop. That is leverage because it gets to talk to you, I get to talk to them. Does that mean I’m having more conversations than just the conversations I’m having now? Yes or no? Absolutely. So you’ve gotta learn how to use leverage and get your message out so you could be presenting, having conversations and making offers while you are doing other things. How many of you wanna make money whilst you sleep? Raise your hands if you do. If you wanna make money whilst you sleep, you’ve got to understand how to use advertising to turn it into profit. Very, very simple. This is the secret of the world stock markets, this is what they do. It’s very, very simple. They use leverage. They leverage advertising to save them time. So they can be out, having conversations, doing deals, and doing business. How many of you agree that will give you a big advantage if you are able to start doing deals while you were walking around Tescos and doing other things? How many think that would be pretty cool? Raise your hands. No joke. I walked round Tescos on Saturday. I’m not gonna tell you this to impress you, I’m gonna tell you cause it impresses me. But I was walking around Tescos, by the time I walked around and got my shopping, I’d made 4,800 pounds whilst I was walking around Tescos. No lie. And that was like literally a 20 minutes waste of time because I was presenting online. Always doing other things. How many you wanna set up assets like that where you can start to make money while you’re doing other things? Raise your hands. And it’s worth mastering. It changed my life. I’m an ordinary guy that learns some extraordinary skills. And this is what you want focus and zone in on. So really, after this, the next steps are very simple. You want a show. What do you want? A show. A show builds authority everybody. My podcast is also out there having conversations for me. You want some type of show that builds relationships with the audience so you can be doing other things and you are nurturing clients with conversations at the same time. How many of you realize that would be pretty powerful to build your authority and nurture clients? How many of you love to do that? Raise your hands. Now the bottom line is that’s easy and simple to do. A show will give you more authority. It’ll get people to listen to you more frequently, and it’ll get you to do more deals. It will nurture your clients, it will nurture the conversations, and it will allow you to improve your businesses, improve your life, and get the goals that you want. How many of you feel that there’s just been a few nuggets that we share for you during that present? Like during that short time we’ve back together? How many of you would like us to give you a very special opportunity whilst you are here with us and tell me a little bit about that, of how you could work with us further and come and actually spend three days learning how to do this stuff? Raise your hand if you’d like me to tell you about that now. Okay, fabulous. So I’ll give you a bit of a brief on what we’re doing at the business show and it is very, very, very special. Because usually our three day training, we have a three day training. So write this down. It’s called Business Growth Secrets. And the Business Growth Secrets Three Day Training works on these aspects. So let me ask you, who in the room knows that you need to work a little bit on your psychology? You need to get rid of doubt. You need to get rid of those leaf issues that you’ve had in the past. Who knows that that is a bit of an issue that you want to get rid of and become more powerfully confident? Raise your hands if you do. Okay, right? And how many of you know you need to get this marketing right where you understand how to get your message to market and having more conversations? So we do all of these in a step by step one. We’ll work on all of these different aspects and we’re gonna give you an opportunity today. And the fraction of the cost, we want something so special. There is a ridiculous, no-brainer to come and join us on this screen. You want a deal that just blows you away? Who would like that? Raise your hands if you would. Okay. Raise your hand if you would so I can see. Wanna know. Good. Fabulous. But I’m gonna do that for you in just so show you, and before I do this, I want to just show you some of the clients that we’re serving because I think it’s really important. It’s not just me talking. All right. We have helped thousands of business owners just like you. And we’ve helped them on this process to win. Like Datsa, for example. Datsa is an amazing lady that immigrated into this country. She started her business off with one pound 50. There was a daily mail article about Datsa and how she started her business. She went on to start a company called Sequin Walls UK. She imported these sequin walls. We helped her to build her marketing and her brand. By helping her to build a marketing and a brand, when Britain’s Got Talent strictly come down center and X-Factor wanted somebody to go and do the Sequin Wall Fair Show, she was the person they chose. Now why? Because when they went and looked to all the sequin wall companies they could choose, they saw that she had hundreds of thousands of people following her so they said she must be the best. Does that mean she’s the best? Not necessarily, but it means that she’s the best now. And right now, who’s heard the phrase, it’s not what you know it’s, well, that’s old school. It’s not what you know. It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. And if no one knows you right now, you are doing yourself a disservice. You’ve gotta get known. Does that make sense for everybody? Nod your head. Does that make sense? So I can see. Absolutely. So that has done some amazing things. This is another one of our clients, Lucy. Lucy building a powerful brand in medical aesthetics. She’s doing seven figures in her business now, become very, very successful. When I started working on with her, we showed her how to build our presence on TikTok to really grow and convert clients in the medical space. We’ve done very, very well the number of different companies in aesthetics, building their marketing and growing their numbers and their sales. This is another one of my clients, Cam. Cam came to me about four years ago. He was in a place where his business was doing around 150,000 pounds a year. I’ve been working for over four years now. We cracked ads into profit for his business. So every time he spends 200 pounds, he makes 2000 pounds back immediately on the sale of a products or service. Now, every time you spent 200 pounds, you instantly got 2000 pound back. How many think you’d be spending 200 pounds pretty quickly? Raise your hands if you do. Absolutely. Well, he did exactly that. He got rid of the fear. He’s now been able to grow his business. Get 10 million pound a year business. 10 million pound in automotive. Very easy, very simple to do that. We’ve done it with DJs, we’ve done it with recruitment, we’ve done it with garden centers. We’ve done it with travel agent. I mean, you came up to me and said, you know Dan, don’t you? So Dan was, when I met Dan, so Dan is a travel agent. When I met him, he didn’t have a defined target market. Didn’t have step one. He was good at what he did, but he didn’t know to get that to market. From working with Dan, I helped him on the branding pillar. I helped him on the marketing pillar. For a branding pillar, we turned him into the UK’s most well known travel agent and he won travel agent of the year at 63,000 travel agents. We also helped him scale his business driver a million pounds a year, travel agencies specializing in only plane travel. They made a massive, massive impact for him and his business, and he’s doing millions a year now. And hey, when Dan first came to me, he definitely didn’t have magnetic marketing. Would you like me to share what his tagline was with you? His tagline for his holidays were make sure you get adventure before dementia. I’ll been fairly serious. You like Dan, you are gonna offend people. We got need to change that, right? And we wanna change market, we’ve got in a much better place very, very quickly. He’s a great guy. Got another exhibitor actually, Dan Moses, that’s over the side is a property business that we helped Dan. I mean, when I met Dan, he was an Uber driver. He didn’t have a brand, he didn’t have his marketing right. He just said to me, Adam, when I went over to Sam a minute ago, he just said, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I wouldn’t have ever met you, I never would’ve got to where I am right now. And we took Dan to being a multi-million pound property investor, having a million pound training company right from the very beginning and increased his results. Some incredible things, been very, very successful guy now. With Dan, the problem was, this is the problem. I’ll tell you the problem. Dan’s problem was this, he was good at what he did, he knew property, but nobody would invest with him because every time they looked him up on social media, he didn’t look big. He looks small. So when he sent to somebody up, can you gimme 25, 30,000 pounds? He’ll be like, you’re a nice guy, but I’m not sure. Do you understand what I mean? Since he went on to literally build his brand, built his media profile, he’s now able to use Instagram and to raise property investment plus a a lot of videos from the time where he actually gets people to invest in property with him. Incredible stuff. So he’s been very, very successful from getting the marketing, the branding right. Done it with Ben, another one of our trainers. We’ve done it with Rosie. So many more people. And look, this is set off set. So my question is, who wants to be next? How many you like to transform your results? Raise your hand if you wanna be next. Raise ’em nice and high so I can see who actually wants to be next. Okay, lots of you in the room. So I’m gonna give you an opportunity now, and this opportunity I’m going to make here the easiest decision you have ever had to make. How many of you want a really easy decision to make? Raise your hand if you do. Fabulous. I’m gonna make it nice and easy for you cause we’re gonna leave you something ridiculous. So this is the opportunity. The opportunity is to make 2023 your best ever year. What we gonna make 2023? Your best every year with our Business Growth Secrets tool kit. So with that, we are going to give you our business key. Now, this business key has the business training on it. So you can get home tonight, you can start diving into the business training that we’ve got. That’s gonna be included. It also includes access to our Business Growths Secret portal. So as you’ve seen me, I’ve briefly skimmed some of the marketing. What I haven’t skimmed is any of the sales, any of the strategies, any of the numbers or either range. Will we go deep into all of these? In portal, you will be able to see all of the information and how it works, how to market your business, knowing your numbers, how to sell, and we will give you instant forever access to that portal. Now if you wanna buy that off my website, it’s a 2000 pound investment. There’s gonna be an investment, a fraction of that for everything we’re gonna serve you on today. But if you were to buy it later, you came back to, I come back next week or whatever, you can get off the website for 2000. You’ve got a better opportunity at that today. What we’re also gonna give you is my Business Growth Secret workbooks and my Business Growth Secrets magnetize your message, social media acceleration, and wow business model. So all of these will be included. You’ll be able to take those away with me today, and you’ll be able to work through in a step by step way how you build your brand and in [46:58.1]. Now, this is the real kicker. You’ll be coming to spend three days with me. Three days we’ve might [47:06.2], but this is very limited, right? So we’ve already this sworn in, Ross has been on twice and we are pretty much getting forward to the brim of even on our three live in. So this will be only for the first six of you. We’ll be out to get a security. How many everybody? Oh six, cause we’ve got six spaces left at the next one. Other than that will be next year. And this includes our three day business training where we train on marketing, we train on sales, we train on branding, everything. And that three day event in itself is usually a 2000 pound investment. I’m also gonna give you my 30 31 system, which is 30 days. This shows you step by step how to make money, how to create money, how to think about money, how to multiply money. To get you thinking in a wealth way as well, that’s gonna be included. As well as a one-to-one introductory call with our coach. So all of this on the screen, the G to business success, which is the key that you get here and now. The portal, which includes all of the business growth sequence manager on this pillar. The onboarding call that we do, the coaching, all of our team, the 35 well system will planner, that’s total value of 6,000 pounds. How many of you want such a ridiculous offer that you want to be able to come and work with us through this process, get some great results, but you want it as silly low price? Raise your hands if you want that. Raise ’em high so I can see. Okay, so those of you that just raised your hands, you want to go and see our team in a minute. It’s not gonna be 6,000 pounds. It’s not even gonna be a thousand pounds investment today. Because we are at the business show and because we are, this is the one of our last events of the year, we’re gonna do something ridiculous where the total investment is under 250 pounds for everything you see on the screen. So 247 pounds plus the 18. So it’s a completed outer no brainer. Okay. Yeah, go. Like, literally go now and get yourself on there. So finally, we’ve only got six of these. So if you know you wanna be under six, go and see the team. Go now, just go over. Paul is there. You’ve got a few people there. So just trying to see the team. Get yourself on the training. Remember an investment you can use. The best investment you can make. And remember, an investment is you, that is one that replaces itself again and again, and again and again. So look, I wouldn’t say thank you to all you little bit here today. How many of you got some real gems there? [49:22.8] that you didn’t know, nod your head if you did. Fabulous. Remember, this is the beginning. It’s not, again, if you step up and you reserve one of your places, I probably should that’ll be three days that changes your life.


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