Episode 289: Your Body Means Business with Angela Middleton MBE

Longevity is something that a lot of people is taking for granted. As we age, there are no guarantees for tomorrow. What’s astonishing is that people take care of their stuff to make it last… Much better than what they do to take care of their bodies. Even if we unintentionally abuse ourselves with the good things life has to offer, health should be the priority on our list. If this made you think, Angela Middleton MBE will help you understand why fitness and business must go together.

Angela created the ‘Your Body Means Business’ program After completing her own fitness transformation at the age of 55. It teaches how you can start your career, optimize your health and grow a successful business. Because a healthy body means you can accomplish a lot more.

In this episode, Angela talks about how to make health a priority and to have a longevity mindset. She shares why we should easily pass the age of 120 and how it will make us accomplish a lot more. If you are concerned that you are starting to look and feel older, you will hear what Angela does to age backward. Angela also gives us ways how to prioritize our health and make our body work optimally in order to be successful.

Angela Middleton MBE, dubbed ‘The Careers Queen’, is a regular commentator in national media, teaching a holistic approach to careers for all ages, combined with physical fitness and mental health. Angela is also chairman of The Limitless Group, host of the ‘IWant2BA’ podcast, and the author of the 1st Job Book Series.

Show Highlights:

  • Working up the ranks in a corporate environment
  • The official moment when Angela ventured into business
  • How Angela stayed focused on business for 20 years
  • Being awarded an MBE in 2019 for her training business
  • Working with the government as an employment expert
  • Leaving her business, turning into podcasting, and physical fitness
  • The results of changing her fitness habits
  • Your Body Means Business
  • We all know how to get a 6-pack but we don’t do it 

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  1. Daron Harvey on April 9, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    Really useful episode.

    Both the business and health tips are worth listening to, and Angela’s correct in that we (at least “I”) take more care of my care than I do of myself.

    Home truths, eh? !!!

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