Episode 293: Helping You Live an Organised & Stylish Life with The Style Sisters

In today’s episode of Business Growth Secrets, we explore how two entrepreneurs, Charlotte Reddington and Gemma Lilly, turned their passion for fashion and interior design into a successful business on Instagram. As the Style Sisters, Charlotte and Gemma have transformed messy wardrobes and chaotic homes into stylish and organized spaces, gaining a following of A-list celebrities and social media fans along the way.

Through their savvy use of social media, Charlotte and Gemma have built a strong brand identity and established themselves as experts in their field. They have leveraged influencer marketing to expand their reach and create an omnipresence on social media, all while staying true to their values of creating joy and solving problems for their clients.

In this episode, we delve into the challenges Charlotte and Gemma faced as they grew their brand, from managing the demands of a rapidly expanding client base to maintaining a work-life balance. We also explore their process of writing a book and discuss their tips for enjoying your business while achieving sustainable growth.

Join us as we learn from the Style Sisters’ journey and gain insights into building a successful business on Social Media.

Show Highlights:

  • How Charlotte and Gemma became the social media sensation ‘Style Sisters’
  • The steps that Charlotte and Gemma took to start a Home Styling business from their social media following
  • Creating joy through helping people solve problems
  • The impact of social media and word of mouth on the success of their business
  • How Charlotte and Gemma create an omnipresence on social media
  • Adopting Influencer Marketing at the right time
  • Challenges faced and lessons learned as the Style Sisters grew as a brand
  • Exploring Charlotte and Gemma’s process of writing a book
  • Tips for achieving work-life balance and enjoying your business

Check out their Book: Style Sisters: Helping you live an organised & stylish life

Visit the Style Sisters’ website at www.style-sisters.com

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