Episode 294: From Poverty to the Secret Millionaire with Mike Greene

Motivation is driven by our desire to move away from what we don’t want to be such as worrying about money. It propels us to work 40 hours a week in order to succeed. It has the power of giving us the burning desire to be all that we can be.

Mike Greene is one of Gold Circle’s speakers and he talked with Adam Stott about his experiences growing up in poverty and how it motivated him to be a successful millionaire. He also emphasizes the power of resilience and determination to succeed. Mike’s talk is captured and brought to you in this episode of the Business Growth Secrets Podcast.

Mike Greene is a global retail/shopper consultant, an international speaker, a professional mentor, a philanthropist, an endurance adventurer, a passionate charity fundraiser, and a dedicated family man with his wife Julia and their two daughters.

In 2011/12 Mike starred as one of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaires. Mike Greene’s ambition is to help others achieve their goals by sharing his stories and experiences through inspirational public speaking and personal and professional mentoring.

Show Highlights:

  • How Mike and his wife faced getting bankrupt and losing their house
  • Recognizing that failing as a part of the journey and not the destination
  • The power of perseverance 
  • Mike’s reflection on his response to criticisms
  • How leaving a legacy inspires Mike to keep his drive in achieving success and helping others
  • Mike’s experience as one of the cast of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaires
  • Charitable work and education reforms for underprivileged Children
  • The benefits of Pre-Business Planning and Research

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

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