Adam Stott Forbes Coaches Council 2022

3 Reasons you should NOT watch the video at the bottom of this page!


You're either the type of person who doesn't follow through or you're the type of person who knows it all already.

Come on, you know I'm talking about you!

You've started program after program but none of them worked and it had nothing to do with you right?

You've seen it all before right?

I'm tired of gurus!

I get it.

If anything I just said is familiar to you, then we have more in common than you realise!


You're looking to get rich quick.

Somebody, somewhere decided they could make a lot of money telling people they could "get rich quick"

When we think of get rich quick, we think of the internet, clicking a button and automation.

Is it possible? I'm sure it is, but it's only short term and it's not a business success strategy, it's a quick "fix". (more on that later)

If you aren't willing to work hard, commit and invest in you...then I can't help you.


If you're looking for the "easy" way then we shouldn't work together.

Don't confuse "easy" with simple. Business success can be made simple, I can show you, but it's not easy!

Would you hire someone who told you they were just looking for an "easy" job to do? Of course not.

Look, creating wealth and a successful business is hard work but if it's done correctly, then you can achieve the long-term goal of your business eventually working for you instead of the other way around.

Still here? Good.

Watch the video and pay close attention because this is exactly what you need to hear!

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